Remember the 5th of November

Wendy & Ryan’s Marriage Celebration.

We are hoping you will bless us with your presence at our weekend marriage celebration November 4-6!

Elopement in the Tetons

On Monday, August 1, 2016 at sunset, we joined our lives, exchanged vows & rings at a breathtaking spot overlooking the majestic Grand Teton mountains.

  • wendy and ryan
  • wendy and ryan
  • wendy and ryan
  • wendy and ryan
  • wendy and ryan
  • wendy and ryan
  • wendy and ryan

Special Thanks to Photographer Lindley Rust for capturing some amazing shots!

Mega special thanks to Virginia Symons for marrying us.
For a mega-badass event planner & fearless leader of Vibrant Events in Jackson Hole, we are pretty darn lucky she could fit us in!

Thanks to Wendy’s Jackson Hole bandmates in Major Zephyr,
Pete (also ring-bearer & candidate for Mayor of Jackson Hole), Marshall & Jeff, Becky, Alexa & yoga goddess, Niki Sue Mueller
for being our impromptu witnesses!

The Story

  • wendy and ryan
  • the story
  • story
  • story
  • story
  • wendy and ryan
  • wendy and ryan
  • wendy and ryan
  • ryan and wendy
  • wendy and ryan
  • wendy and ryan

Live is funny. Love is funnier.

This is the story of how it took us 12 years to awaken to the greatest love of our lives.

Since Ryan built this beautiful website, I (Wendy) got to write the juicy contents!

Ryan and I have been in the same friend-family for twelve years. Not just group of acquaintances, but what we consider a chosen family that goes back to my first months in Austin.  His sister, Michelle is one of my best friends and was my roommate for over a decade.  In a lot of ways, Ryan and I have grown up together. We’ve orbited one another for years and we’ve always had a special connection.

Apparently we met on my 27th birthday shortly after Ryan had moved to Austin, but due to birthday shenanigans, wine and me being a super-messy human back then, I don’t remember it. Ryan does perfectly. He had ‘feelings’ when he spotted me that he didn’t recognize so he quickly shuffled them away.  If you know Ryan, he’s not mister feelings. He’s passionate, he’s animated, he’s present, but pretty much the only things that make him tear up are sad stories about animals and kids and the opening sequence movie “Up.” So ‘feelings’ were not really his familiars.

A few weeks later he called Michelle and asked her if she knew anyone who would want to go to a Bad Religion concert. She suggested I might know someone who liked the band. Even though I’m a rootsy/folky musician, I have a deep passion for punk rock and Bad Religion happens to be my favorite punk rock band EVER. And, well, it’s Ryan’s too. We are both huge admirers of the lead singer and primary songwriter, Greg Graffin.  I mean, he’s a 40 year punk rock veteran, got his masters from UCLA in Geology and PHD in Evolutionary Biology from Cornell- a professor, parent, creative and complete human badass.

So we had that in common. Which to us is sorta huge. And odd. And we could talk about the band for hours and hours. We actually still do. So, we were punk rock show concert-buddies for years and years.

I confess, there were times over the years when I thought, “hey, that Ryan is a really cool dude. I’d like to be closer to him.” Those sweet notions were shortly followed by the thoughts, “No way! He’s too good for you. And plus, if you date him and screw up, Michelle will never forgive you!”

So we stayed buddies. Which is actually the coolest part.

Fast-forward through 12 years of weddings, birthdays, girlfriends, boyfriends, concerts, greenbelt hikes, friend-family barbecues and more.  Last fall we started a conversation in which we conspired about making some music videos together for some of the songs I was recording for my new album.  Shortly after, I showed him “Tips,” a vintage camper that I bought and told him my vision for building a deck and roof for it.  He loves to build stuff, so he signed up to help me make it.

We spent months swinging hammers, charging drills, designing structures and listening to punk rock. Having fun with other friends and telling stories.  We built Tips and had fun.  Our friendship had become solid and we loved doing mundane crap together.

So in the late spring, with 12 years of friendship under our belts, we decided to go for it.  Those ‘feelings’ emerged again for Ryan and this time I wasn’t afraid to break anything.

The funny thing is that, even though we’ve been friends for years and years, I feel like I’ve been reborn into this sweet love. It’s the most beautiful and certain thing I’ve ever known.  It’s nourishing and amazes us both every day.

We’ve found a love and friendship that is deep and wide and full of laughter, singing and opportunities to learn and grow. We are older, wiser and still as fun as we were in our 20’s when we met.

And we’re the best of buddies.

The Celebration

We have rented a beautiful venue, Rio Far Niente from Friday through Sunday afternoon (Nov 4-6) so that we may have plenty of time and space for our beloveds to meet, visit, relax, play in the water, listen to music and bless our marriage. The venue is on 36 acres, near the Austin airport and on the Colorado river.

Our intention is to gather the most important people in our lives to celebrate and connect.

We hope you will join us for any/all of the weekend activities. Mostly, we will just be hanging out hoping our friends and family get a chance to share quality time together.

We have both worked in the wedding business and we felt that cramming the most important people in our lives, traveling from far and wide into six hours of tightly scheduled wedding activities was just not for us. . . so we decided to elope and join our individual lives in a quiet beautiful space and then invite you all to spend a weekend with us celebrating as we join our families and community!

Weekend plans for Nov 4-6:

On Friday we will set up at the venue and have a relaxed evening with a pot luck / BYOB dinner. There’s a huge beautiful fire pit and covered atrium and a few cabins with kitchens.

On Saturday evening, we will exchange vows, and ask for your blessings and support as our tribe.  The Belle Sounds (our favorite Austin band) will be performing and we will have snacks and sips at the “reception.”

Sunday we will relax ’til it’s time to “check out” . . .  and if the weather is great, we hope we can pack up camp and take the party to Barton Springs for a celebratory afternoon dip.

Many of you have asked what you can to do help with the weekend and we’d love your participation! We have created an RSVP form (yes, we are nerds) so that you can share with us when you feel you’ll be in attendance, address issues of logistics and lodging and what you may want to bring or contribute to the celebration (your favorite dish, sips, ice & whatnot).
We want to make this easy, relaxing and joy-filled for everyone.  Quality time with YOU is our greatest gift.

Hope to see you in November!

While You’re Here

Many of you are coming from out of town and haven’t had the Austin experience. As much as we look forward to your company, please feel free to get out and about in this beautiful city or in the nature around us! See below for some nearby places to stay, some of our favorite places to eat, hike, bike, visit and more. If you’re coming for additional days, we’ve included some of our favorite music venues too!

Barton Springs Pool

  • The heart and soul of Austin. 68 degrees year round, spring fed pool over 1/8 of a mile in length. Refreshing in any weather, beautiful and rejuvenating and fun glimpse into Austin’s diverse culture!

Lady Bird Lake Hike & Bike Trail

  • Amazing 10 mile trail that hugs Lady Bird Lake which is just south of downtown. Beautiful for walking and running and fun way to see town from a bike. We suggest renting electric bikes from Rocket Electrics and enjoying a few hours on the trail. This way you can stop for snacks and sips along the way. There are many opportunities to go “off trail” and straight into downtown or onto S. 1st, S. Congress or S. Lamar. Super fun outing!

Rocket Electric Bikes

  • Our friends Nicole & John own this great bike shop. One of our favorite outings with guests it to take them out to ride a Rocket around this fair city!

Barton Creek Greenbelt

  • If you want a nice hike, there are several greenbelt entrances right in the middle of the city. One of the things that makes this city wonderful is the lands preserved to protect the Edwards Aquifer beneath. We call these creek beds and trails the Greenbelt. Beautiful!

Botanical Gardens

  • Beautiful spot in the heart of Austin’s Zilker Park. Lovely!

Cathedral of Junk

  • So fun. This fella has the most rad junk architecture! You must call to make a reservation. No words to describe this repurposed junk paradise in the middle of a very normal looking neighborhood. Unforgettable experience.

South Congress

  • Super fun and funky area of town great for shopping for unique trinkets, watching live music, eating yummy tacos, cupcakes, ice cream, pizza and more. (Home Slice Pizza, Enoteca, Guerros, Hey Cupcake!, Amy’s Ice Cream)

Texas State Capitol

  • This building is pretty rad. It’s the tallest state capitol in the country (Texas, ha) and it’s made of Texas’ signature PINK granite. Truly beautiful to behold and fun to tour.

Live Music

  • We’ll have The Belle Sounds performing at our party (our favorite Austin band) but there are plenty of rad venues to check out local music any day of the week. If you get to town early or stay an extra day, check out The Continental Club & The Continental Club Gallery (upstairs above the tattoo parlor next to the C. Club), C-Boys (all 3 on South Congress), The Saxon Pub and One2One Bar (both on South Lamar Blvd), Strange Brew (amazing listening room and so many more spots. Just ask if you want to see music and visit to see show listings.

Sound on Sound Fest

  • Surprise Surprise. There’s a music festival in town the weekend of our party. Couple of key names playing: The Descendents & The Dead Milkmen. It’s about 30 mins from the property of the party if you’re interested in going on Sat or Sunday during the day.
Austin is home to a gazillion YUMMY restaurants. If you’re looking for something specific, ask us and we will share or find out from one of our food and beverage experts. Yeah, we totally have those. Some of our favorites are:

  • Sazon – Best queso EVER and a really fabulous authentic South Austin hang
  • Uchi – Wendy’s favorite restaurant ever. Japanese and French food fusion at it’s finest- Only open evenings.
  • Torchy’s – Looking for a yummy, unique taco? Find the nearest Torchy’s (taco truck turned revolution restaurant explosion).
  • Bouldin Creek Cafe is where Wendy likes to have every business breakfast or lunch. DELICIOUS local creative, vegetarian deliciousness with all the funky ambiance of a good South Austin restaurant/patio.
  • Want local, trendy favorites?
    • Stand in line at Franklin’s BBQ or Hopdoddy Burger Bar. They are worth the wait.
  • Want to eat downtown?
    • Try Swift’s Attic, Congress Bar & Kitchen or Manuel’s.
    • Looking for delicious Italian, try Enoteca.

There are countless more. This is a foodie town. Food truck parks everywhere! Hope you get a chance to enjoy a taste!

The venue is 36 beautiful acres on the Colorado River, so there is plenty of room for tents and campers. We will set a few tents up as well. There are no RV hook-ups, but you could park one on the property if you have a generator for it. For those of you that would like to stay elsewhere or will be in town for longer, here are some options:

Bastrop State Park is a great place for camping and RV camping that is not far from our party site (20 minutes) and if you’re looking for a resort style hotel, the Hyatt Lost Pines in is pretty fancy.

If you are coming, are on a super tight budget, and still need a bed, let us know and we will do what we can to find you somewhere to sleep in Austin. Please don’t hesitate to email us with any questions and we will do our best to help! Your presence is what’s important!



    Check all that apply. Saturday is the official party.
  • We will provide more detailed information soon, but feel free to contact us to discuss anything.


Many of you have asked if we have a registry. Well, THANKS!
Since we’re into making things easy and practical (perhaps at the expense of tradition or romance),
we started one here:, so that it’s easy for shipping and/or bringing.
Your presence is what’s most important to us, so please don’t feel obligated to gift us,
though of course we are grateful and overjoyed if you wish to!

Our Registry
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